Washington is a complex mess and the Upgrade My Country vocabulary guide will help you better understand and engage in political discussion.



Also known as the “Democratic-Republican party”. An analogy in the form of a two headed dragon for the corrupt Duopoly, with a culture of self-service, made of both the Republican and Democrat Political Parties running the American government.


Two organizations that act as one to block other competitors from entering or advancing in a marketplace while simultaneously creating rules and policies that assist them in maintaining their positions of dominance.

The Less Party

A modern liberal party whose members adhere to responsible socialism and have committed to passing the two constitutional amendments advocated by the Upgrade My Country Movement.

The More Party

A modern conservative party whose members adhere to responsible socialism and have committed to passing the two constitutional amendments advocated by the Upgrade My Country Movement.

Political Corporation

A political party that operates as a traditional corporation by organizing the majority of funding for all party members at a senior management level and/or requires that all lower ranking members follow directions of the party senior management team or be constructively terminated from the organization.

Political Media Organization

A media organization that gives regular commentary on the operations of the government, political parties, candidates for office or individuals currently in a federally elected office.

Third Party

Any U.S. political party that is not the Democratic or Republican party.

Upgrade My Planet

A sister movement to Upgrade My Country focusing on environmentalism with major sprints of activity in non-election cycles in the United States.


Abusive Capitalist

A capitalist who bribes congress to get their way by changing laws that will benefit them or by blocking a change in law that will negatively impact their business opportunity. The opposite of a servant capitalist.

Beast Congressman:

A person serving in the House of Representatives or Senate as a member of the corrupt Democratic-Republican Duopoly.

Contract Political Agent

A person posing as someone who will represent your interests in the congress as a politician, but really is a low ranking employee of a political corporation and must follow the directives of its senior management above any other interest.

Disengaged Citizen

A person who has totally removed themselves from politics in every way and given up hope for change as well as acts cynical towards new opportunities for change.

Educated Electorate

A status of the voting body in which the individual citizens are, or at least have the opportunity to be, politically informed and educated. Citizens can thereby make intelligent decisions when voting as they understand their options between different candidates’ experience, positions on issues, endorsements, and other qualifying factors when they choose a representative.


A person who runs for a position in the House of Representatives, Senate or for President of the United States who is not affiliated with a political party.

Independent Democrat or Republican

An egregious lie used by a Beast politician to falsely brand themselves as someone who is  outside and/or above the rules of the corrupt Duopoly they are a member of.

Profiting Agent

A person who makes money off of the dysfunction of the government including brokering bribes from abusive capitalists and special interest groups as well as coaching politicians on further dysfunction tactics through lies and misleading truths.

Self-Serving Politician (aka slang: “Beast Politician”)

A politician who uses a political position to serve themself and advance their career as the primary directive above serving others.

Servant Capitalist

A capitalist who does not attempt to buy their way in or block legislation through bribery to the congress or government officials. The opposite of an abusive capitalist.

Servant Politician (aka slang: “Dogooder Politician”)

A politician who uses a political position to serve others, specifically the voters who elected them into office, as a means to give back to society as their primary directive above advancing their career.

Tribal Citizen (aka slang: “Tribal Blue or Tribal Red”)

A person blindly loyal to the Democratic or Republican party because they think one party is more noble, honorable, and less corrupt than the other and if placed in power the party will advance prosperity in the United States. A person who follows the instruction of the party leadership without any thought or questioning of the intent, logic or moral value of the instruction.


A person who has been vaccinated from the Beastvirus and is willing to take ownership of their country by voting and promoting the passing of the two constitutional amendments affiliated with the Upgrade My Country movement.

Capitalism-Socialism Spectrum

Democracy Goldilocks Zone

A system of government that blends both responsible socialism and capitalism to create a society where the largest social class is the middle class and the poverty and wealthy classes are no bigger than 10 to 20 percent of the total population at any specific time and an individual has the opportunity for economic upward mobility based on their own talents and hard work.

Reckless Capitalism

A system of government with a deficiency in laws for corporations enabling them to grow too large and too powerful at the demise of the taxpayer. Citizens are often forced into government debt supporting abusive corporations who gain wealth and power from a combination of government assistance and lack of policing. This system also allows monopolies and duopolies to form in market places at the demise of the citizen.

Reckless Socialism

A system of government that increases debt to support regular, ordinary, and predictable events as standard operating procedure. In this type of government, too many social programs and benefits are often given to the citizens while not being efficiently managed.

Responsible Capitalism

A system of government in which corporations are allowed healthy growth but not at the detriment of the taxpayer, requiring a balance in laws so they don’t get too large and/or abusive and/or create monopolies or duopolies. A government where corporations do not overrun or outpower it.

Responsible Socialism

A system of government in which regular, ordinary, and predictable social programs are provided based on standard taxes and without an increase in debt.


Ballot Access

The act of getting a candidate who is running for office listed on a state’s voting ballot. Typically requiring a number of eligible voters to sign a petition indicating they desire the person to be on the ballet. Ballot access often requires a candidate to pay a fee in addition to the signatures.

Congressional District

A district drawn by state that represents a group of voters who then vote for a member of congress to represent them as a whole.


A document outlining the foundational law for a nation’s system of government.

Constitutional Amendment

A change to the Constitution requiring the passage of two thirds of the Congress and three quarters of the state to be included as a permanent part of the Constitution.

Constructive Tax

Any time, materials or services required to be compliant with overly complex laws, regulations and policies.

Divisive Political Issue

Any political issue with a possible outcome that favors a position benefiting one citizen or group of citizens outside of issues pertaining to how the government functions with regards to its efficiency of operations, representation of its citizens, modern elections, and an educated electorate.

Dysfunctional Loop

A situation that arises in a capitalist system of government in which the government has a problem and then turns to private industry to solve it. After enough time, the government, people, and technology, advance to be capable of solving the problem. However, the entities in private industry hired to solve the original problem do not want to reduce or halt their income from reform. As a result, they hire a lobbyist and fund Congressman to block change in order to continue making money off of the dysfunction.

Modern Elections

A condition of the election process in a democracy where the candidates running for office do not have the power to decide their voting districts or electioneering rules, a simple majority of votes will allow a candidate to win a race for office. The media influencing voters is rated for their bias, money funding campaigns are regulated and voters are educated to make intelligent decisions on who they select to represent them in government.

Foundational Political Issue

Any political issue pertaining to how the government functions at its foundation with regards to modern elections, representation of its citizens, and education of its electorate.


When politicians and political parties draw one or more congressional districts to obtain results that will benefit them by creating a predictable outcome of an election versus drawing congressional districts that make sense based on logical geographical groupings of voters.

Nonscalable Law

An overly complex law, a group of laws and/or policies, built on a legacy paradigm or framework driving a high constructive tax for the citizens and organizations it governs.

Out of Bounds Policy

An analogous term used to describe the results of a policy or law in terms being within or outside of the spectrum of responsible socialism and capitalism to that of a sports competition, such as lines on a football field or rules in a boxing match.

Pay for Play

A formal system of bribery in the United States government in which you are required to pay money in order to be represented and/or prioritized in government legislation.

Scalable Law

Laws that citizens and organizations can be in compliance without the need to procure additional products and services. aka a Constructive tax

Term Limits

A strict limit in the number of terms or placements in office that a publicly elected figure can serve.


The civic duty of picking a person to represent you in your congressional district, state, and for president in addition to state and local government positions and/or policies.

Voter Suppression

The act of making any or all aspects around voting, such as registering to vote, becoming an educated voter, and actually casting one’s vote more difficult for a citizen beyond basic identity verification.



A pathogen that travels in small liquid droplets and can spread from an infected person’s (or the Beast’s) mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing or breathe. Symptoms of Beastvirus manifests themselves in three distinct strains: Disengaged, Tribal Blue or Tribal Red. See separate definitions under Disengaged Citizen and Tribal Citizen for more detail in the People section.

Beastvirus Pandemic

A widespread infection of the United States population with Beastvirus with origins starting in the late 1980s and peaking in 2023. See Upgrade My Country Orientation film for more details.

Beastvirus Vaccine

A vaccine used to disinfect a citizen with Beastvirus. The vaccine is distributed via a needleless gun and can be administered in person or virtually over the internet when a person joins the Upgrade My Country Movement.

Citizen Ownership

An attitude and/or state of mind where one does not act as a victim, but rather takes responsibility for their country by taking action via promoting change as well as fulfilling their civic duty to the best of their ability.


The act of blocking legislation and/or forward progress as a means of gaining more power through negotiations on non-related issues.

Offended Empowerment

The act of claiming to be offended by a person or group publicly as a means to gain more attention towards oneself or a cause when in reality one is not truly offended and/or the offender issued further explanation around a triggering comment that reveals they were not out to actually insult or demoralize the claimed offended.

Offended Personally

Personally insulting or offending someone by name through direct interaction with them versus a generalization.

Polling Stressor

A stressor that affects you in the background causing your environment to be unstable such as: your phone gone missing, an illness you can’t seem to shake off or your country running off the rails headed for apocalyptic destruction.

Citizen Journey


The commitment and belief in serving a higher power.


The system that decides the level of freedom and benefits for citizens and groups and the contribution and allocation of resources.


Methods used by individuals and/or groups to alter freedoms, benefits, contributions and allocation of resources determined by the government for their proclaimed benefit to society.


The suppression of emotion and simultaneous use of critical thinking skills to assess what is true based on your knowledge of facts when making decisions with regards to Faith, Religion, Government and Politics.


Rules and boundaries set by private organizations to best enable you for connection to their proclaimed God.


The act of setting aside any differences and coming together to advance the group as one for the betterment of all.