Upgrade My Country is a movement to pass two pre-written constitutional amendments to the US Constitution for Term Limits and Modern Elections. This Blog Series summarizes the Amendments in layman’s terms and calls out the arguments for and against the change while also calling out how the Democratic-Republican party (aka “The Beast”) lies about the change to protect itself. This first blog covers:


The Meat of the Change

Currently, there is no limit on the amount of time a person can serve in the Congress or Supreme Court. The Term limits Amendment limits a person to serve a maximum of:

  • 8 years in the House of Representatives
  • 12 years in the Senate
  • 18 years in the Supreme Court

Although they are not elected, Upgrade My Country takes the position that Supreme Court Justices are constructive politicians because they are able to choose what cases they want to decide on, and unregulated in their appointment they have naturally become associated with specific sides of the Beast.

Argument 1 For: Keep the Water Flowing

Term Limits protect the citizens from politicians who want to stay in office to serve themselves instead of the people they represent. If you think about water as an analogy it is never healthy for it to stay still. When water stagnates it becomes a cesspool full of bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of bad creatures. Term limits keep the proverbial water flowing in Washington DC. Term limits already exist for the President and Governor in 36 states and are a proven safeguard for democracy


Argument 2 For: Turnover Drives Innovation

With healthy turnover, we have the best opportunity to bring innovation to Government. Term limits bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to solve long-existing problems.


Argument 1 Against: Experienced Politicians are Needed

The world is complicated and we need experienced politicians to serve a long time in office to battle the complexity. Otherwise, private industry would out-manipulate politicians as they have superior knowledge of their industry. This would allow abusive capitalists and special interest groups to outrun and easily manipulate Congress for their own benefit at a detriment to the citizens.


Argument 2 Against: The staff will get too powerful

With a revolving Congress, more experience will be naturally captured in the Government Staff, Agencies, and Departments that report to Congress and the President. These positions become too powerful and prone to corruption.


Beast Lie 1: We Are Experts!

The Beast Politicians greatly exaggerate their level of expertise and wisdom in dealing with private industry. Many have no practical or relevant experience and have learned what they know about the industry from the lobbyists and abusive capitalists that regularly court them.


Beast Lie 2: It’s too hard to hold staff accountable!

The Beast Politicians exaggerate the danger of staff becoming too powerful when the truth is that Congress can easily hold staff accountable holding the power to investigate and terminate those involved in corruption. This would be the same way a corporate board of directors holds a CEO and C-level executives accountable for the performance of a corporation and/or fires them if they don’t perform.


Beast Lie 3: Changing what the Founders did is Bad!

The Beast loves to use fear around changing the Constitution claiming if we go against an ideal of the Founders, in this case, that the Supreme Court should not be political and have term limits, that we are on a path to doom. The truth is our Founders were great guys and knew times would change which is why they built in the ability to amend the Constitution. Keep in mind this was the same group who did not want political parties, and we know how that story ended up.