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It is easiest to explain what happened to the USA, as well as how the Upgrade My Country Movement can correct its path in the form of a story.

Like many stories, ours starts a long time ago when a group of brave men known as the “Founders” created the “Constitution” which was the source of power for the USA.

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The Constitution was based on the powerful principles of democracy and freedom and was the summation of the wisdom from the entire history of how man governed each other.

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The Founders wanted the Constitution to last for many years so they built in the ability for it to change as the world changed too through upgrades called “Amendments”.

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The Founders made it difficult to amend the Constitution to provide stability to the USA. To amend the Constitution required ⅔ of the nation’s leaders in the Congress as well as ¾ of the State legislatures to approve the changes.

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The Founders were afraid that tribes, parties or factions could divide and ruin the country one day, so they were afraid to build them into the Constitution. They ideally did not want any political parties to be involved in governing the nation at all!

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Out of fear and not knowing what to do they left any language regarding political parties out of the Constitution. This created a “Political Party Constitutional Gap”.

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Despite not wanting political parties, tensions rose quickly among the founders. They naturally started to form alliances to better advance their beliefs.

The first President of the USA, George Washington, was a really good leader and was able to keep everyone working together for a while.

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However, in just a few years into Washington’s Presidency, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had very different opinions on how the Country should grow.

They couldn’t figure out how to compromise so they both left Washington’s crew to form their own political parties to align like minded individuals for support of their separate visions for the USA.

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Political parties worked ok in the early days of the country because the party leaders still strived to serve the people they represented.

However slowly and steadily the spirit of many politicians with dark hearts towards serving themselves exploited the Political Party gap in the Constitution.

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Also, no term limits allowed the politicians to stay in office endlessly. The longer they stayed the more they focused on fulfilling their own self interests, rather than the people they were supposed to represent.

In 1978 a particularly evil man named Crulee eventually entered the congress and grew more sinister over the years.

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Curlee formed an inner circle of like-minded politicians and together they created a culture of self-service. Their poisonous ways formed an infection that spread throughout the congress. They forced all the politicians in the Congress to work as they do or leave.

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Their evil spirits harboring self-interest, lies and corruption attracted to each other to give birth to an evil two headed Beast.

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The Beast grew powerful and eventually was able to take control of the USA away from its Citizens.

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It protects its reign by stalking the nation and spewing a debilitating virus known as “The Beastvirus” from both of its heads to infect the citizens.

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With the vast majority of the citizens infected with the Beastvirus, the Beast has been able to abuse the USA for its own self interest causing destruction of the country in the form of massive debts, ineffective services and erosion of freedom of its citizens.

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Many years later in 2023, Dan, an American citizen, becomes infected by the Beastvirus but does not know it. He becomes very discouraged when thinking about the future health of his country.

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Dan looks for someone to help him with his discouragement. He finds a movement called Upgrade My Country online. The organization sends a Volunteer out to his house.

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Tony, a volunteer for Upgrade My Country, comes out to Dan’s house to explain how the organization helps citizen’s like Dan.

Upgrade My Country vaccinates citizens from Beastvirus and coaches them on how to take back ownership of their country from the Beast.

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Tony examines Dan for Beastvirus. He discovers that Dan has the virus and has become disengaged as a result of it.

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Tony explains to Dan how the Beastvirus Vaccine works. A person gets vaccinated from Beastvirus when they first vote for Upgrade My Country.

They sign a ballot access petition or vote for independent politicians who are running for office under the Upgrade My Country Movement.

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Upgrade My Country works as a vaccine to destroy Beastvirus permanently as it will remove the Beast from power, fix the constitution and birth new political parties under the new rules with new cultures to replace the Beast parties.

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Dan, along with his girlfriend Sue, get vaccinated and join the Upgraders to create awareness of the Beastvirus and vaccinate other citizens.

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Dan asks his father Dave to run for Congress under the Upgrade My Country Movement. Dave is thankful for those in the past who sacrificed their lives for the USA.

Dave is getting closer to the end of a successful career. After seeing Dan’s passion for the movement he agrees to run.

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Meanwhile, as the Beast is destroying the USA, Dan’s Mom is sick and dying.

Dan wants to eradicate the Beastvirus to save his country and fix the direction of his future for his family and friends so he can focus on taking care of his sick Mother.

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Dan discovers that Curlee has 2 supporting villains that help him empower and control the Beast: Harry and Bo.

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Bo is an abusive capitalist who funds the Beast for his own benefit.

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Harry is a profiting agent. He makes money by brokering transactions between abusive capitalists and self-serving politicians.

He also uses his talents to help politicians to master the art of deception and misleading presentation.

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Bo does not want to look bad in front of the citizens. To protect his public image he hires Harry to be a middleman between himself and Curlee. Harry makes money off of fees he charges when arranging deals between Curlee and Bo.

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In the next election Dave is elected to Congress with many other Upgraders. They nearly gain the control needed to pass the amendments through congress.

However, they still need to replace more Beast Politicians with Upgraders to secure the ⅔ votes needed to close the Political Party Constitutional Gap and eradicate Beastvirus forever.

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Dan tries to convert some of the Beast Politicians to Upgraders, a few of them are rescued, but most are too scared to change out of fear of what would happen if they betrayed the Beast and the Upgraders failed.

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Meanwhile, Curlee fights to get back control of the Congress and save the Beast. He doubles down on his lies, tricks and deception in an attempt to stop citizens from continuing to take the Beastvirus Vaccine and support the Upgraders. He gets Harry and Bo to increase their assistance to him.

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The Upgraders stay persistent in growing their movement and after enough elections they are able to defeat the Beast politicians and pass the constitutional amendments through the Congress. The states follow quickly to ratify the amendments.

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The Beast is destroyed! Beastvirus is eradicated! The citizens start repairing the country from the wreckage caused by the Beast. Voters start having the tools they need to be educated in their decisions.

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The Upgrade My Country movement gives birth to 2 new political parties to replace the Beast, under the amended constitution.

The More Party is a modern liberal party that practices responsible socialism and The Less Party is a modern conservative party that practices responsible capitalism.

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The debt level starts receding, citizen freedom is expanded, government services start to be effective for citizens. Hope is restored and the USA returns to being a leading Nation inspiring other nations to follow suit in furthering democracy.

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The new education standards allow Dan and Sue to be informed and engaged citizens and voting responsibly. Dan starts taking care of his sick mother.