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The Upgrade My Country comic book explains how we became a divided nation ruled by a corrupt duopoly. It explains the story behind the movement in detail.

Orientation FAQ

What is Upgrade My Country?

Upgrade My Country is an opportunity for United States Citizens to take back ownership of their country through a peaceful and legal revolution to amend the US Constitution for Term Limits and Modern Elections. The movement is designed to rescue the country from the following three destructive actors:

  1. Self-serving, career politicians organized in and operating as political corporations through a corrupt Duopoly. Aka ”The Beast” or “Democratic-Republican Party”
  2. Abusive capitalists and corporations purchasing legislation through the congress to serve their own interest above those of the American People
  3. Profiting agents who act as middlemen and broker money to self-serving politicians from abusive capitalists and those who have a special interest.

The goals of the movement are the following three objectives:

  1. Remove the Beast from power by electing independents and minority party candidates running Congress and President as a part of the Upgrade My Country Movement.
  2. Fix the Constitution to enable:
    1. Modern elections
    2. An empowered and educated American electorate
    3. A Congress whose members represent the interest of the people who voted them into office and are incentivised to serve their constituents.
  3. Enable the growth of multiple new, or existing minority, political parties with regulated power to enable a functioning democracy.
How will the Movement Work?

The movement works in the 3 steps as outlined in the graphic at the top of the page: Unify, Fix and Split

The movement will allow US Citizens to unify in ditching the Beast and allow for the election of an alliance of independent politicians who seek election for the federal offices of: President, House and Senate seats starting in the 2024 election.

The independent candidates take a vow to take the following actions:

  1. Automatically vote yes to two pre-written constitutional amendments.
  2. Make the passing of the amendments their prime directive and pledge to introduce the amendments for voting in the Congress at every opportunity available to them.
  3. On all other issues they pledge to seek a compromise between responsible capitalism and responsible socialism while they serve in office.
  4. They agree to term limits and pledge not to seek more than 2 terms as a senator and 4 as a congressman

After the constitutional amendments pass through congress, Upgrade My Country will continue at the State level promoting the ratification of the amendments by ¾ of the States. At the federal, level the members of Upgrade My Country will split into two or more separate political parties to continue traditional government as we know it under new rules and regulations. Upgrade My Country will give birth to the two political parties identified below:

  • The More Party is a modern liberal party built on a platform of responsible socialism. It argues that education and government programs are what have made America great, and what should be our focus.
  • The Less Party is a modern conservative party built on a platform of responsible capitalism. It argues that low taxes, less government and the opportunity for economic advancement are what have made America great, and what should be our focus.
What are the Amendments?

The Term Limits Amendment will limit the number of terms a member of the House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court can serve. This amendment protects the American people from politicians who stay in office and use their power to serve themselves and their party leadership.

The Modern Elections Amendment removes the need to acquire 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency as this is one of the main reasons we have a 2 party system. It stipulates that the candidate with the majority of votes will win. It also creates and empowers a citizen council that oversees and enforces rules for campaign finance and electioneering which will end the practice of state level gerrymandering and obstructionist ballot access laws. It will also empower the council to define and rate political media for a bias level and set voter education requirements for states to adhere to as a means to enable an educated electorate.

Why is there a story and music?

The vast majority of citizens in the US don’t understand how our political system became so dysfunctional and who is driving it to stay this way. The story, as well as the music, make the history easier to explain and identify the bad behavior that drives it. It’s also just more fun. There is no reason we can’t have a good time together while we fix our country.

What does it mean to join the movement?

Becoming an Upgrader means that you say yes to amending our constitution as outlined on this site. So essentially you know the end result of what you are getting.

“Vote and promote” is the way of the Upgraders. You provide ballot access and vote for politicians running under the movement. You also do your best in promoting the movement within your circle of influence. It’s not as scary as it may sound and we will show you how!

Read The Amendments

The Amendments you are signing up to promote and pass as an Upgrader will enable you to take back control of your country.